Al Reed – Paul Rodgers – Lead Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar

Honored to play the part of Paul Rodgers, Al Reed is a true Bad Company fanatic. Al brings to you a brand of genuine, authentic, and well studied vocal talent, that exemplifies the true essence of Paul Rodgers and the Bad Co experience. A career musician/songwriter, and a lifelong lover of Paul’s bluesy chops since he was a youngster, Al cut his teeth with some of the best talent to come out of San Diego. Mr Reed has always aspired to one day be a part of the best Bad Company tribute in the nation. He truly believes he has reached that goal with the current lineup of astute, detailed musicians. 




Teddy Reed – Simon Kirke – Percussion

Drummer/co-founder of Bad Co, Simon Kirke is played by Teddy Reed, a veteran local San Diego drummer. He is, coincidentally, also the co-founder of Good Company. Teddy has managed to nail Simon Kirke’s style of drum playing to a tee. His solid timing and superb feel for the pocket shows his dedication to his craft. You can be certain that he will have your patrons tapping their toes and wanting to dance in the aisles.






Danny Donnelly – Mick Ralphs – Lead guitar and Backing vocals

Playing the part of Mick Ralphs is a San Diego rock legend, the amazing Danny Donnelly ( Formerly of the successful 80’s rock band, “Flyweil” ). Danny is well known as one the best guitar players to ever come out of San Diego. He has been playing professionally since the age of 15. He is famous for his ability to mimick any guitar solo note for note. His high standards are a driving force behind any band he is a part of and he is well loved by his fans.



Johnny Rhinestone- Boz Burrell – Bass and Backing vocals

Bass player, Johnny Rhinestone, has one of the toughest jobs in the band. Recreating the difficult bass lines played by the late, great, Boz Burrell. Johnny has managed to surpass the high expectations of the band. He simply plays the exact bass lines note for note, phrase by phrase, as heard on the Bad Company’s studio recordings. A proven method of getting people moving to the pant’s leg shaking bottom end that he so effortlessly provides.




Featuring Sammy GH on Piano and Synth

Sami GH is a fine addition to the band, adding his creative wizardry and the underlying support to the rhythm section, while stepping up to the plate when he is called upon. He is very eloquent in his phrasing and adds a beautiful element to the band. His subtle contributions give Good Co such a full, refined sound. You will close your eyes and melt into your concert seats when you see and hear him perform his featured pieces.